Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Water near Angel!

'S getting worse and worse.

And there's ocean between us.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

The worst should happen at 9 PM. It's a bit unnerving, since it was already announced for 1 PM, then 4 PM and now it's 9-10 PM. The Old Town will be very likely flooded. I don't want to see it. I hope UNESCO will help.

The most catastrophic version was pretty mild compared to what is going to happen at 1.00 PM! Shit!

Monday, August 12, 2002


Why did I got myself into that "nothing-can-happen-to-the-capital" mood? Well, sure it's not that bad as in Southern Bohemia, but right now the traffic has partly collapsed, the area near river is closed (does it mean I can't get to Dana, if needed ?!?) and it's STILL RAINING!

If it gets worse, the part of Old Town and Lesser Town + Lesser Town square (wonderful historical quarters) could be severely damaged, if not destroyed! But that's the most cathastrophic scenery. Let's hope it won't happen and focuse on less traumatic topics.

As - I think I'm sick. Chills, running nose and low-grade fever, complete loss of appetite (and I was planning English breakfast & Chinese Lunch, dammit!). Guess that running around barefoot wasn't such a good idea after all.ยจ

More from Prague soon.

Floods, quite severe.
It's not that bad here in Prague - Lavka, MangaCZ meeting place, is in great danger, though!
Lucky both Dani-chan and I live on hills.