Wednesday, September 12, 2001

I'm sick.
Today, I let myself get engaged in a very fiercy debate at school, because ALL my classmates started talking about the beginning of 3rd World War and how the USA will start attacking Far East... I went really mad and told them what a NONSENSE this is! No one will start 3rd World War - no one! The USA wouldn't punish thousands of ANOTHER innocent people - it simply wouldn't. Yes, I understand every USA citizen has the right to feel angry at these times, but even in the greatest grief... no one will allow attacking or nukeing potentional responsible state (or the state attackers are from)! This would mean that everything we were made to believe was false!
Damn, they all turned against me. But still I believe in what I said. There will be no war, there must not be!
I read president Bush's speech... but frankly, I didn't find it pathetic as Brad said. On the other hand, I was somewhat relieved. I'm no Bush-lover, but still... from his words I felt longing for peace. Sure he was talking about punishing responsible people (organization), I agree - that is the only right thing to do. They must pay for what they have done. But I didn't feel like if he was talking about any great vengeance which would cost another lives of innocent people... no 3rd World War. No.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

It is horrible, no doubt.
The USA will never be the same, I agree.
But, my friends, are you REALLY surprised?
I can see your tears, you're shocked for sure. I understand. Because you don't know what is the war really like. Oh, I can hear you wailing about First and Second World War and thousands of boys killed in
Vietnam, alright. I'm far from mocking their sacrifice.
But still it's something entirely different from experiencing the war on your own playground. Since the Civil War, you haven't had direct
victims among civillists.
And now... what do you see?
Almost 50 000 victims - some wounded, some dead.
Everybody's shocked, crying and calling for vengeance.
You experience the worst.
Don't forget the feeling.
Because next time your newspapers or TV mention how bravely have your troops solved some situation in Iraq or elsewhere (oh, some civilists killed, but it's nothing, really!), next time you perhaps imagine what is it really like. Because there are also thousands of dead and wounded people, innocent civilists, but you don't cry for them. You don't even know about them. Even though from their point of view, your troops and bombs which are falling on their roofs and killing their people, are NOTHING more than terroristic actions, too. From their point of view, you are the bad ones, meddling into their affairs, attacking their way of living, killing innocent. They really feel it so and you expect them to feel better, because you're doing that for their 'sake'? They don't ask for your interventions. And because the USA is arrogant (show me some big country which is not), it hasn't listened to them. And look
what happened. The ant bite an elephant.
And one more thing.
The whole world is talking about "attack aimed at freedom".
What exactly do you mean by that?
What freedom?
It was the attack aimed at the USA, not freedom. The USA are NOT and for me has NEVER been any symbol of freedom! On the contrary, sometimes it was just a symbol of one very mighty and powerful country, which meddles into foreign affairs without real interest in anything but its own good. So please, next time think twice before using words like this one.
I expect that if I get any reactions to this post, they will be negative. I understand that. You may feel angry. I feel angry, too. I'm
almost crying, and not only because of people who were killed and wounded today, but for all people who have to suffer because of
international political struggles. There are MILLIONS of them. This time it was your turn. And I'm sincerely sorry.

Monday, September 10, 2001

Ah, in these days... I always clench my teeth and repeat over and over to myself: 'Love can bridge all.'