Thursday, August 16, 2001

I'm leaving for a week - we're going to our cottage in country.
Fresh air, wild deer, savage native people.
And lot of studying.
Well, better than staying in the city in this weather.
But on a happier note - Dani-chan, Mati, Teren and I are running our new blog about Shitennoh. If you wanna see, go to
I doubt you will understand a word, but just to know what you're missing: fun, yaoi and a great amount of insanity. ^_________^

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

I spent two days with Dani-chan.
We were at my place, playing PC games, chatting, eating ramen and trying to play Guess Which Anime Character I'm Thinking About.
It's a great game, expecially for long walks - we had one on yesterday's late aftrenoon, when the sun wasn't so annoyingly hot, and it was quite fun. Walking our favourite track around MATFYZ dorms and back, we re-arranged the rules a little, to make it all a little harder. Now one can't ask about series and only a minimum questions on appearance.
Dani-chan also has a new haircut (my mom's work - her profession may be history, but still she's a fabulous hairdresser!) - she looks exactly like Haruka now! ^____^
I also made myself study a little... damn, I'm pretty worried about that entrance exam!
Oh, and one little personal note for Junichirou Koizumi-sama: Bravo! ^__~

Monday, August 13, 2001

Nothing interesting, really. I'm spending this day between working and playing Might & Magic VII. One week of that and my butt will grow bigger than Okinawa.