Saturday, August 11, 2001

Rather emotional day today... uh, yesterday. ^__^;
My sister had a birthday party (she's 27 now, that sis of mine) and she celebrated it along with my mother, who didn't have birthday butname's day (she's Alena and her name's day in on August 13th, which is tomorrow; yay, mom! ^__^) We had a wonderful time; sis got Scrabble and we played it over and over again. Would you believe I played Scrabble for the very first time today? It's still a new game here, it was introduced only some two or three years ago, and I've always wanted to play it. I think that playing it in Czech is a little harder, due to declinations and special marks we use.
I gave Bara (my sis; I have two sisters - Katherine and Barbara, both are older than me and both live on their own, so I'm the only one
left in family's nest, little spoiled brat! ^___^ ) some shrimps, because she loves seafood very much and it was a good choice indeed... despite the little drama in the supermarket.
You see, I really can be annoying (you noticed for sure), but today I was really unbearable. It all began with that damned crawfish. While I was wandering around the seafood area, I noticed a big crawfish, crawling helplessly at the bottom of an aquarium. It was a very small aquarium and quite a large crawfish and it apparently wasn't very happy. To make things worse, its pincers were firmly tied so that it couldn't harm anyone.
Before I say anything more, I have to say that I'm not really crazy about animals, I'm not that type who would demonstrate for better
treatment for them, or anything - actually, I'm quite firm even with my own pets. But when I saw that, I started crying like a little baby
and frankly, even now are tears dropping on my keyboard, such a sad picture it was. My parents were quite alarmed and mom tried to
comfort me, saying that I don't have to worry about it, because the crawfish was so expensive nobody would want to buy it and it would live a happy peaceful life in the aquarium. There's no need to say that I started crying even harder and between sobbing I wailed that I'd rather let it die quickly, than live such a miserable life with its pincers tied.
Somehow, my parents managed to comfort me and take me away (if I'd been in their place, I would have already slapped such unbearable brat twice around the supermarket -__-;). We bought everything we needed and were just about to leave, but first we wanted to add some coins to one special money-box. It's a box in the shape of dog - it actually looks like a toy and the money always go on training of special dogs, which help blind people (I always add money there, saying somewhat grimly that I have to think for the future). Today, I went to give some money in as usual, but when I was finished and almost turning on my wheel to go home, I noticed that the toy-like doggie money-box was... lacking a tongue. It has always had a tongue - big black dog with a long red velvet tongue. But today the tongue was missing - someone has ripped it off or what, but it was simply gone. I started crying again and left, grieving over the malicious world we're living in (I was so busy with crying for the crawfish and doggie money-box, that I didn't have time to shed a single tear for hungry looking man in ragged clothes, who was selling newspaper in the corner, and apparently lacked home, love and one leg).
Say, this must be stress or something.

Friday, August 10, 2001

So, I promised to tell you what happened on Wednesday and Thursday.
Actually, it started with Rurouni Kenshin. Dani-chan and I often translate (from English!) and subtitle various anime for MANGA CZ (personally, I enjoyed translating Utena most of all - translating is so much FUN! Much better than correcting someone else's translation, which is just what I'm doing now, grrrr!). Some week ago, guys from MANGA CZ called and asked Dani-chan to translate third and fourth part of Kenshin, because they wanted to screen this Thursday, during our regular club meeting.
So Dani-chan translated Kenshin and on Wednesday evening we went to MATFYZ (the Faculty of Mathematics & Physics) dorms, where most of the guys from MANGA CZ dwell, to do the necessary corrections and arrangements. These dorms are not far from my home - actually, Dani-chan and I have been there before and everytime we walked back to my house on foot, because the scenery is quite lovely. Naturally, I was looking forward to this journey back home, because it's always fun.
Well, we arrived to the dorms at 7 PM. Shinji and Pirate (both quite adorable guys) were awaiting us. We sat down and started babbling - about anime, manga, Sailor Moon (Shinji doesn't like it, but Pirate does, it was him after all, who gave me all SM MP3s!) etc. We were also watching some J-Rock clips and discussing my upcoming university entrance exam (when Pirate learned I wanted to try for japanology, he lent me a wonderful book about Japan, which I find very helpful! Thanks, Pirate!^__^). Yeah, from time to time each one of us said something like: "Now, we should really start with Kenshin." or "One last word and the we'll hop on Kenshin." Ha. But there was still plenty of time for Dani and me to sing SM opening (in German) to annoy Shinji (as if that was ever possible!) or arguing why Ranma 1/2 is/or isn't one of the best manga ever! (I think it is.) At 9.30 PM, we were all drinking tea and discussing dieseases, how old each of us was when we got pneumonia (I gues I was the youngest), what was it like when Pirate had broken his arm and leg in a car crash and such things, but the disc with translated Kenshin was still lying idly on the table.
It could be about 10.15 PM when we suddenly broke the spell and actually started working. I think I've already mentioned that correctiong someone's translation is the worst of all sufferings, but it simply had to be done. So we went correcting and fighting over
each sentence and before we finished part three, it was already midnight and time for Dani-chan and I to go, because I promised to be home at 1 AM. Poor Shini and Pirate were left to check the rest alone.
Because it was very dark and we didn't feel like walking our usual way, which may be lovely in broad daylight, but pretty scary in
darkness, Dani-chan and I decided to walk some 15 minutes to the nearest tram station and then go by tram. Unfortunately, last tram
was just setting off at the time we arrived to the station, and the next one should have arrived in 40 minutes, so we decided to go on
foot and follow the track. We were both pretty tired and hungry, but the image of two full bowls of ramen with shrimp (which I've been
sparing for special opportunity) were keeping us going... or sprinting, to be more accuarte. After some time, we climbed the hill
and went to the nearest station, only to learn that no tram would come before 1 AM. So we braced ourselves and walked the rest of the journey on foot... which wasn't very comfortable, not talking about safety. Streets and alleys are full of eeeevil today.
But hey, we managed to get home before 1.15 AM and while Dani-chan was taking a shower, I went straight to kitchen and started
prepairing our beloved ramen...
That is - surely would have started, if there had been ANY ramen! To my greatest despair, I found out that everything was simply gone. I really don't know how it is possible, but... it was really gone. With my last strenght, I cooked us a chicken soup with noodles and then we stumbled to bed (though not into the same ^__~).
The next day (we slept until 2 PM) was the screening. The beginning was set on 6 PM, so we spent the time installing Might & Magic to my computer (his name's Tatewaki). Well, guess what. Windows 2000 simply wasn't able to make it run. >__< (Today I installed it to my mom's computer, which is the only one computer in the house still using Windows 98) and it worked. My first group of warriors is all-girls; I have Makoto the Knight, Minako the Ranger, Ami the Cleric and Rei the Sorceress. Minako and Rei are Elves, but I guess it doesn't mind, ne?) But that's not really important.
At 6 PM, we were at our club's place (actually, the building belongs to the Club of Young Technics & Mensa members, but we can meet here, which is great, because it's located in a beautiful part of Prague - right at the bank of Vltava river,surrounded by little pubs and wonderful old buildings - well, the Old town - the architecture isreally stunning... and I almost forgot to mention the wonderful view
- one can see Prague's castle and St. Vitus cathedral). Shinji and Pirate weren't. They came after half an hour, both looking visibly
exhausted. After minor technological difficulties, the production started.
The first episode was alright... though the subtitles weren't Czech, but Slovakai (which didn't really matter, because these two languages are very similar... though I admit it's a little more difficult for me to understand, because when Czechoslovakia parted in 1993 and two independent republics were created, I was only 11 years old, so I've already lost some of the ability to speak Slovakai). Second episode was the same and when we asked why, we weren't really given any response. Then the third part came, the one we were suffering over, fighting over each word and every stupid sentence...
It was just as gone as my ramen. I really don't know why, but these guys just used the subtitles in the very same form they had been
before correction. Dani-chan didn't have the nerves to watch it and bear the criticism that would surely be aimed at her (for translating
it that way and not correcting the historical details and stuff), so we left. -__-;
The journey back was pleasant, though, because we walked along the river bank and cute little sailor pubs and ships for sightseeing and babbled about our usual things. Dani-chan the went home (she's currently playing Pokemon, so she had to train her little beasts ^__^) and I returned to my ramenless house.
When I told my mom about the whole incident, she just shurrged and showed me tons of ramen, hidden behind some stupid boxes with salt and coffee.
Okay, I admit it. I suck.
And I need new glasses, too.
Now, now. It wasn't THAT tragical, you see.
But crazy enough.

Ahhh, it's so late. Tomorrow there's a little family celebration, so I have to be fit.
Stay tuned for more of MidnightZero's stories.
Oyasumi nasai!

Thursday, August 09, 2001

Ack! >_<
One day I'll perhaps tell you what happened yesterday and today... but not now.
I'm totally groggy.
No, nothing THAT tragical... but for sure exhausting.
Seeya in hell.

P.S. The guestbook is repaired.

Wednesday, August 08, 2001

Oh, I forgot to mention - finally I made myself to provide a guestbook, so if you wanted to write condlences... here you go! ^__^
We're having out pipeline repaired, so there's no water until 4 PM! Damn, there's nothing I'd like more now than... water. Tons of cold, fresh water, because the summer heat is unbearable and I feel all sticky and icky (hope you all shudder ^__^).
And what is more... my tummy feels really funny. I only wonder... were these mushrooms I cooked REALLY edible? I picked them myself, so... I wouldn't put my hand into fire for that. -__-;
And why have I turned into such a brainless whinny since I have this blog!?!

Tuesday, August 07, 2001

So, I created this list of things I simply have to do before the end of summer holiday (which is until September 1st; BTW, my birthday- presents welcomed! ^___^).
In order of importance:

1. Finish this stupid summer job I got. -__-;
2. Prepare at least half of the topics for English, Czech, History and Geography graduation exams.
3. Study for university entrance exam - that is, prepare complete survey on Japan from every possible point of view (historical, economical, cultural, etc.etc.)
4. Draw some 5 or 6 pages of my online manga, so that I had something to start the project with.
5. Write these profiles for Utena website, which I run with my friends.
6. Upadte my own godforgotten website.
7. Re-read my German textbook, if I don't want look as a complete idiot in September.
8. Wipe the dust off my kanji, reason see above.
9. Lose some weight, because I have no desire to be the only chubby girl (again!) attending our swimming lessons.

Geez. I'm really busy, eh?
I've just finished one very troublesome part of the translation I'm correcting. Man, I don't understand why our publishery hires translators who cannot TRANSLATE!? I'm giving up - this part will be either seen by real professional, who actually UNDERSTANDS the topic, or I won't permit being signed on the back cover as a corrector.
Anyway, I think I had enough for today. I'm going to browse a little and then, perhaps, make some nice yaoi wallpaper. And finally play Princess Maker.

Monday, August 06, 2001

No Princess Maker after all. I spent the night chatting with Eudial, Zoi-chan and Myrna-chan. (I love you, girls! ^_^) I went to bed at
2 AM, which is no big deal in summer, but quite a bother when you should wake up early, because there's a work waiting for you.
Yesterday, I swore to myself I would wake up at worst at 10 AM and start working immediately, so that I had everything done before theend of the week and therefore could devote myself entirely to such pleasures as playing Might & Magic VI and Princess Maker 2 or writing silly stuff along with Dani-chan (and yeah, also studying for upcoming graduation exam and university entrance exam, dammit).
But nooooo, today I woke up at 1.30 PM and already managed to have a cold shower (hate summer heat, hate!), brush my teeth, wolf down unbelieveable amount of food, have a looong phone conversation with Dani-chan, read some magazines and re-read Lady of the Lake by Andrzej Sapkowski...
Some five minutes ago I was looking at the tremendous mountains of papers I have to take care of and no, it didn't get lower during the night, as I was half-expecting. Dammit, this is the trouble with working at home, there's nobody to yell over you and making you work. At the top of everything, my mom is out of town for a few days, so I have to cook for my ever-hungry daddy and do the whole cleaning by myself. Which reminds me I'd better be going.
*switching myself to housework-mode*

Sunday, August 05, 2001

Finally, this thing looks at least little more representative.
It took me quite a long time (I'm no HTML genius,dammit ^_^;), but I think it was worth of it.
Anyway, I hope I will have something worthwile to say... even though not many people will be reading this thing. I understand not EVERYBODY's crazy enough to read my silly ranting, above all written in miserable English (OK, maybe not really miserable, but certainly not as good as I'd like to... and as it should be, according to all these expensive private lessons I've taken! Viva British Council!). But for the few brave ones... I hope you'll have a good time. ^__^
Now, Any's leaving to play Princess Maker 2.
Bai bai!